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Милкавита конкурс красоты

About the beauty contest:What is miss insta ASIA?

Miss InstaForex Asia is an international beauty contest. The project has been running since 2009. During this time, hundreds of ladies from all over милкавита the world took part in the contest. This is not surprising since every adult girl from any country can try her luck in the online contest Miss Insta Asia!

About the beauty contest:what are the prizes?

The prize fund of the competition will pleasantly surprise the ladies - the total amount is USD 45,000! Note that not one but five girls will receive the prize: ,000 for the first place, 000 for the second and 000 for the third. There are also two special nominations: Forex Lady and Insta Choice, the winners of which will be awarded with 000 each. Participate, win and fulfill your most cherished dreams!

About the beauty contest:FOLLOW THE RATING 24/7

Now you do not need to be at милкавита конкурс красоты the computer to stay informed! For your convenience, we have developed the official mobile application Miss Insta Asia on iOS and Android, with which you can follow the course of the contest anytime: view photos, monitor ratings, leave comments, and vote!

For men:Vote and win

The deposit of at least USD 1,500 to your InstaForex trading account will increase weight of your vote in the Miss Insta Asia campaign and will give you an opportunity to win the luxury BMW X6 crossover in the Win BMW X6 from InstaForex campaign. For more information, go to the InstaForex official website.

Источник: http://miss-instaforex-asia.com/

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